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Bet Victor Bookmakers

If you don't already have an account with VCBet then they are perfect for your online betting needs.

About BetVictor

Unlike some of the other major corporate bookmakers Victor Chandler has been born from entrepreneurial spirit. An English Gentleman to a leading UK bookmaker, to head of the World's leading independent sports betting and gaming group in just under half a decade. With customers in over 70 countries across the world VCBet is a truly global operation. Headquarters in Gibraltar and with offices around the world, the Group offers international online sports betting opportunities and web-based gaming in 5 languages.

Victor, started as a credit bookmaker with a small but very select group of wealthy clients, he spotted an opportunity to offer tax-free betting from outside the United Kingdom. His vision was to realise that to satisfy the needs of the customers through the internet and deliver the rapidly-emerging new technologies and platforms that are transforming the way business is done.

The VCBet Group may be a different entity from the London-based business that started in the 1940s. The core of the success story is that the ethos of placing a bet is an act of trust. Worth remembering because, in the 25 years or more since BetVictor took over the family business, he has established a reputation for honour, integrity and for having virtually no upper limit on the bets that he will lay. It is these qualities that have gained him a reputation as the Gentleman Bookmaker.

Not a man to court publicity, he nevertheless sent shock waves coursing throughout Britain's bookmaking industry when, in 1999, he moved the company's entire account operation from London to Gibraltar and almost overnight introduced tax-free betting for an ever-widening circle of international clients. Within weeks his competitors were watching thousands of their account holders transfer their business to Gibraltar.

As Chairman he has brought tax-free betting to the global marketplace as well as broadening the opportunities offered throughout Europe and developing the most sophisticated online gambling system in the world. The VCBet Website is testament to their commitment to delivering the finest online service to their clients. In terms of research and development no stone has been left unturned in the search to make the betting experience as enjoyable and as simple to use as possible.


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